Team Web Africa provides the Safe & Smart MFI Solution, a fully automated web-enabled software to streamline complete business processes. It facilitates hassle-free digitization for the banking sector. Safe & Smart MFI Solution supports all the functional areas of anMFI Office, allowing you to seamlessly manage all Lending & Operational activities. It also features an intelligent Management Information System (MIS) that is updated in real-time, with graphical representation of KPIs, providing a single interface to keep up-to-date.


Key Features

  Defense in Depth provided by the three-tier architecture.
  Firewall installed network .
  Role-based access provided by creating user rights
  Multilayered authorization and validation for the network through user codes
  Integration with biometric access control to validate user activity
  Auto backup and restore using two functional servers live and backup (24×7)
Microfinance/ Sacco Mobile Application Available

Our Capabilities


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